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Happy Friday, September 19, 2014!

Top Google News:

UK's price for keeping Scotland: More autonomy - USA TODAY

Convicted Florida felon kills his 6 grandchildren - seattlepi.com

Iraqi Cleric Urges Vigilance Against Western Interference - New York Times

Larry Ellison, one of Silicon Valley's seminal CEOs, gives up his job after nearly ... - San Jose Mercury News

Big-Screen IPhones Draw Long Lines at Europe, US Stores - Businessweek

Alibaba's IPO debut delayed on first day of trading - USA TODAY

Greg Orman: The Most Interesting Man in Politics This November - NBCNews.com

Deadly flooding causes chaos in Philippines, thousands evacuated - CTV News

How Jon Hamm Is Helping The White House Fight Campus Sexual Assault - Huffington Post

JetBlue emergency landing: Engine 'exploded,' smoke billowed, passengers say - Los Angeles Times

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